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About Gerke & Associates


The mission of Gerke & Associates is to create client success by providing outstanding professional management consulting service and products.


How We Work and Think

On Preparedness: To each task, we bring fine-tuned professional knowledge and a broad experience base.

On the Past: Since 1977, we have worked successfully throughout North America and abroad.

On our Position: We hold a philosophy of openness, honesty and integrity in our associations.

On our People: We are accessible and easy to work with; believers in cultivating friends.

On our Performance: Our services are recognized for the high degree of quality and ability to produce results; projects are finished on time and within budget.

On Priorities: We focus on a full and complete understanding of the needs of our clients.

On Principles: Client loyalty and respect for confidentiality are absolutes.

On our Perspective: As we see it, our job is to give clients more than clients expect.


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Gerke & Associates, Inc
Columbia‚ MO  65201
email: gainfo@gerke.com