Strategic Planning

Developing a business strategy is not just an annual operating plan. The annual plan is important, but long term success hinges on a forward thinking strategy-- about critical decisions, key hires, competitors, succession, acquisitions, market opportunities, technology, financing, and more.

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Gerke & Associates’ Strategy Client Success Stories


Strategic Plans and Business Plans

Health Care

The rapid pace of change in the health care industry in the 1990s, combined with nearly inevitable governmental bureaucracy and burdensome procedures, had left this non-profit agency and its physician Board of Directors in a precarious situation.

Solution: Worked closely with the organization on a strategic planning initiative that included contingency plans to implement if/when federal healthcare policies changed.

Result: The organization was able to focus on becoming more effective and better-positioned for today's healthcare environment and is financially viable today.

Product Delivery

Entrepreneur developed technology for improved product delivery in c-stores and supermarkets but did not know economic feasibility of the device in stores.

Solution: Developed survey for business to business user markets that included category manager attitudes, cost analysis and relative importance of category in stores' product mix.

Result: Helped entrepreneur avoid a mistake by demonstrating that cost of technology must be reduced for equipment to be cost-justifiable for buyers. Revisions to design reduced cost and space required for equipment.


Sales & Marketing Plans

Sales & Marketing

Wholesale division of a company with international product distribution was experiencing flat sales, high inventory non-utilization, shrinking customer base and low morale.

Solution: Developed strategic marketing plans that revised product mix and customer base, overhauled the sales force and helped transform company culture from a production-driven to a market-based company.

Result: Sales growth of 100% over ten years that led to increased profitability, reduced shrinkage and improved customer satisfaction.


Family Owned Business

An established family-owned business in an industry where reduced operating margins created the need to restructure sales, marketing and operations.

Solution: Held multiple planning sessions with management team.

Result: Complete reorganizaiton of sales and marketing efforts, streamlining of product lines and complete change in organizational structure and legal structure that enhanced after-tax financial returns to owners.


Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Fourth generation was interested in entering the distribution company.  The firm had enjoyed significant growth rates, but growth was slowing.  The owner was concerned about future financial returns from company operations and was hesitant about investing to grow the company.  The children were active in the business but did not want to be part of a low growth enterprise.

Solution: Facilitated strategic succession planning sessions with the father and sons.

Result: The firm has become much more aggressive about growth, acquiring another firm and entering new markets.  A business valuation and buyout plan was implemented.  The fourth generation now owns and manages the firm.


Differing Opinions

This retailer wanted to evaluate strategic direction in light of dramatic changes in its industry and differing opinions among the owners about how to grow the business.

Solution: Led planning sessions with the owners that resulted in specific objectives and action plans, including succession planning.

Result: Two owners purchased interest of third owner and revised plans to grow the business with existing locations.


Executive Consultation

Executive Consultation

Third-generation ownership wanted to revitalize the company, but was struggling with low/no growth and lack of management team strength.

Solution: Provided on-going executive consultation for several years.

Result: Enjoyed significant growth through a successful acquisition of a much larger company.  Assembled a management team that delivered significant sales growth.  The company achieved record revenues and profits.



A major integrated oil company had a significant retail enterprise.  The organizational structure, systems and culture of a large integrated oil company did not match the needs of a vibrant retailing enterprise.  The firm set out to completely revamp the retail organization.

Solution: Worked with a transition team to redefine organizational structure, job functions, systems, human resources, incentive compensation, etc. Helped develop a new recruting and selection process to attract new management team members for the retail enterprise.

Result: A complete reorganization of retail management structure including change in management style, field operations/merchandising, management job descriptions and hiring criteria, incentive compensation and culture - leading to much more aggressive and innovative retailing programs.  The oil company's retail enterprise was revitalized, resulting in revenue and profit growth.